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PSN Password.

This might be a little confusing. I signed up for Spotify on my PlayStation network account and everything was working fine; the Spotify connect worked and I could control the music with my tablet. I got a new PS4 and downloaded Spotify to it and for whatever reason, it signed me out of Spotify on my tablet and now I can't sign back in because I never got a password when I signed up from PlayStation Network. I do have Premium. So, to clarify, it works on my PS4 but I can't sign in anywhere else because I don't think I got a password when I signed up this way. Unless I completely missed something. 


I had to sign up with this different account just to post this. I know what it says my username is on my PlayStation but it's not linked to any e-mail or Facebook. I am so lost. I just want a way to figure out what my password could possibly be. 


I have also verified I am not a robot several times and it won't go through. 



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Hey @Yanderekko Welcome to the Spotify Community!


When you first signed into your account on your PSN did you put in your account username and password. If not, it kinda weird that it didn't ask you too and it could be possible that you might have duplicated your account. What i would recommend doing is sign out of your account on PSN and try logging back in with the same credentials. 


Let me know how it goes!


I have signed out several times. I went back to my other PS4, too, to see if it would pick it up on Spotify connect, but it did not. I am going to go on to another account and sign up and see what it asks me to do. 


Hm. It definitely asks me for an e-mail here. I wonder if I put my own e-mail in incorrectly because I checked several of the ones I regularly use. I always use the same username and password, too, so I am extremely confused. I wonder if I just made a big mistake. 

Support actually got back to me and said my e-mail has been recently changed. I wonder if I got hacked. Thank you for taking the time to answer me, though. 

Yikes!!! If your account got hacked i would recommend changing all your passwords as a precaution, and im glad you were able to make some headway! Let me know if you got any other questions and ill gladly help you out. 🙂  


Happy Listening


Can someone help me so I accidentally log out of my ps4 Spotify account and I tried everything but it doesn’t work, I’m trying to get back in my account but I forgot my password 

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