Playlists Being Falsely Reported!!!


Re: Playlists Being Falsely Reported!!!

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same here , how do you speak to Executive Support team? did you get anywhere? why can't the "edited content" be whitelisted after review from spotify - and as long as you dont modify the playlist name/ description - false reporting will not work -

anyway hope we resolve this, its frustrating for sure.

Re: Playlists Being Falsely Reported!!!


I received 59 reports in 3 three weeks, and still counting to this date. I answered to all notice of report. But it keeps the same. they have, supposedly, banned 2 accounts. I have more than enough of this. It began since I deleted a friends asking profiles in Facebook. He asked to insert music from his producer or similar. After that it's a nightmare.

Re: Playlists Being Falsely Reported!!!

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Hey Hey,

You probably all know me from my old playlists, like Mario, Pokémon and Zelda ... In the meantime I deleted all of them ...

That was because I have been confronted several times by Nintendo, Spotify and other companies.

In the Playlist Guidelines, it is stated that you must not infringe any copyright when using images
unless you have official permission.
! However, you can use any name you can think of ... However, a company always has the right to check that we '' the users '' do not just use their name ... They can't be difficult, can they! --- Because my lists were so immensely popular (not like that anymore, I started with a clean slate), it also stands out more ... --- So always pay attention to what you post when it comes to things that are copyrighted and that is literally with everything! haha

Re: Playlists Being Falsely Reported!!!


Honestly thought I was the only one who was experiencing this. I had one issue of my playlist being reported once before but Spotify solved that issue quickly by blocking that user because they found out he was abusing the report option. But all of a sudden out of nowhere these last 2 weeks roughly I've had my playlist reported over and over again and up to now Spotify says they are aware of the issue and trying to resolve it, but I'm still getting my playlist reported multiple times daily and my emails haven't been responded to by the Spotify support in over a week. 

It is extremely frustrating as creators to have no idea or have any control of this situation and isn't fair at all. Have considered cancelling my account and moving to a different streaming platform