Possible to merge accounts?


Possible to merge accounts?


Hello all, 


I was just wondering if it is possible to merge two accounts together so that the playlist from one account gets carried over to the other one. 


I have created my first account using facebook, went premium and added all my playlists and following all my artists on this account.


My second account is created with my email and it is brand new. 


I have since cancelled premium on my first account and wish to go premium on my second account. But I have no idea how to transfer all of my play lists from one account to another. 


I have sent in a request to support with Spotify Support Case # 11117278 but I'm not sure if I have sent in under the correct category. Hope the community can help me and let me know if transferring playlist from one account to another is possible by myself.




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Re: Possible to merge accounts?


Hey @Stebung, welcome to the Community!


We suggest you reach out to our team via Twitter or Facebook. They'll be able to take a look at the accounts to see what can be done.


We hope that helps.