Premium family Spotify account hacked


Premium family Spotify account hacked


Somebody plays songs on my Spotify on device I don’t know. I think somebody gain my Facebook login due to leak in previous days and now use my Spotify account. I get I have to make another account. But tell me how to copy my playlists from the old one to new one? My account is *snip*. Thank you.




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Re: Premium family Spotify account hacked


Hi @maklara


Thank you for using Spotify. I'm very sorry for some inconvenient it brought to you. My opinion may not be the best solution but I hope it will help solved your problem.


Regarding your concern, this is what I did in order for me to have my playlist on my old account transfer or saved to my new account.


Desktop App


  1. I open my old account, and make  public all the playlist that I want to copy or saved to my new account.
  2. After doing so, I logged in my new account, then I follow  my old account  and "Follow" as well all the playlists in there.
    1. *(I assumed that you also know how to "follow" you account) 
  3. Then all those playlist are now transfered in my new account.


I hope that helps a little.


Note: I'm a "scientist-like person". I do a lot of experimentation just to discover new solutions and ideas. So I don't know if that thing works on you.


Just lemme know which part that you don't understand then I can explain it further.


Have a nice day!







Re: Premium family Spotify account hacked


Hey @maklara.


Just wanted to let you know that if you ever get your account hacked again, there's no need to go through the hassle of creating a new account. Just get in touch with our Customer Support team here and they will be able to secure your account for you.


Hope that helps 🙂


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