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Prepaid premium now want family

Prepaid premium now want family

We took advantage of offer to prepay Premium until December.  What happens to subscription and billing if I upgrade to Family now?

Info says that payments will start earlier as the existing credit will be prorated to family rates, but doesnt explain how. 

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Hi Rinrat86 and welcome to the community! 🙂
Yes, you can still upgrade to Family even though you have pre-paid. The difference you will see is your next renewal date.
Since the Family subscription costs more, it will deduct from what you have already paid and move your renewal date up. Once you switch, you can check and see when that date will be on your account page.
Hope this helps! 🙂 - Bethany

I am currently paid up to Dec on a discounted rate that works out to 8.33 a month.  It appears to me that if I go to Family the rate goes to 14.99 so I lose out that discount.  Why cant I pay $5 per month (difference between premium and family) until Dec when i have prepaid Premum for?

Hi again, 🙂

Unfortunately, since this is an entirely different plan than the one you pre-paid for - it cannot function that way. You would be agreeing to a different subscription's terms.
Subscribing to a Family plan does not include any discounts or special offers, so it will apply the $14.99 per month until the remaining balance is used - which will then bring your renewal date earlier than December.
I hope this helps answer your question! - Bethany

Thanks, Bethany.

Yes that does answer the question. I just wanted to be absolutely sure of what to expect money wise before I made the change.

I'm a prepaid account till Dec and want to be added to my family's family plan. Is there a way that I can do that?

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