Problems with Discover Weekly "infected" with awful music.

Problems with Discover Weekly "infected" with awful music.


I'm trying to fix a heavily infected discover weekly. I'm describing it as infected because this all comes from a playlist of rain noise that I was using to help with sleep, and now means I get nothing but ambient pan pipes and chanting "music" on my Discover Weekly.


I have been trying everything to stop this, I no longer use this playlist and have switched to Amazon music. I've also used the "I don't like this song" option repeatedly an have listened to quite a bit of punk and house to try and influence my metrics, but it's been no use. I'm 6 weeks on and still getting this awful stuff each week. Discover was probably my favorite feature in Spotify.


Also - can Spotify please add a "Do not influence my music choices" option to playlists or specific songs? I was aware that this could happen but mistakenly thought that by making the playlist private it would prevent it. It's a real disappointment that there is no easy way to do this.

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Hi @munkifisht ! 🙂

There isn't a way I know of to completely reset Discover Weekly on your current account. As you mentioned, the more you listen to other music and provide feedback it should adapt over time. There are a few suggestions I have though. 
1. You could try starting a new account. This would wipe out any recommendations for Daily Mix and Discovery, but they would re-adapt over a few weeks as you listen more.
2. Listen in a Private Session for anything you don't want to influence the Discovery mix. Unfortunately, setting the playlist to private only hides it from your profile page so it still impacts recommendations.

3. Save more songs to your Library

You can also check out the Ideas section of the site for functionality suggestions. There is a relevant one that is currently in "Not Right Now" status, but can still be voted on if you'd like. 

Reset Taste Profile / History

I hope this was all helpful and have a fantastic day! 😄


Thanks Bethany,


I had not thought about adding new songs. I will try this and maybe it will work. I also played one of my more eclitic playlists on shuffle last night with the volume turned to zero. Hopefully this will impact my analytics (also, lucky artists get a bump of a play). Will do this for the next few weeks and hopefully I'll swing it back to something more normal. 


The problem came out of using Spotify with Alexa for this sleepy nighty snoozy snooze music, and unfortunatly it was too much of a pain to set a Private session each night. Real failing of Spotify to not have an option to ignore certain songs from your metrics. 


Hi @munkifishki,

    I was just wondering if your plan of listening to music at zero volume overnight fixed it (I'm having the same problem of "infected" discover weekly ;( ) Thank you!


Having the same problem here, and it really bums me out. I'm thinking that adding a family member to my family account , and then starting from scratch on that one is probably the only real choice. Good luck fellow rain sleepers.


Had the same problem with rain sounds. I played one, once, or twice, and now my discover weekly is nothing but rain sounds. I used to really look forward to Discover Weekly but now it's just garbage rain sounds unfortunately. Really sad about it. 


I had success at troubleshooting this issue by leaving my spotify app ‘playing-but-muted’ while I slept for a few weeks!

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