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Problems with login

Problems with login

Can't login to my facebook registered account from android app (Unable to login. Either the Username or Password is incorrect.). I reset the password twice. With desktop app it works fine. Also i register a new account from android app and it works. Please help me  solve this problem.

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Hey @Coldsadasd, welcome to the community!


Since your Spotify account was created via Facebook, you need to log in by touching the blue "Log in with Facebook" button.


If you've already logged into Facebook, the app will validate your information and take you to the account, otherwise, you'll see a pop-up to enter your Facebook details.


In case this isn't helping, try removing the Spotify app from your Facebook Settings > Apps > Spotify. Once you've removed the app, it should ask you for access to your Facebook profile again when logging in.


Let me know how it goes.

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