Quirky Connect to Facebook If 2-step Authentication


Quirky Connect to Facebook If 2-step Authentication


Operating System

Windows 10


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Spotify has great machine learning and all that stuff, but some features like Connect To Facebook work like they would in late 2000s.


I disabled my Facebook account, Spotify removed the Facebook connection as intended, all legit here.

Now, upon attempting to reconnect my Facebook account (after I re-enabled it):

1) The Spotify app (Windows) opens a browser window, where I'm supposed to log in on Facebook,

2) I log in, I get the Facebook 2-step authentication menu and I approve my login via my main browser or phone

3) Facebook automatically redirects to a page after I approve my login

4) The browser window opened by Shopify is automatically closed. 


In the past, I would connect/disconnect my Facebook account to/from Spotify via the web version, now, I don't see that option anywhere in the site. Maybe I missed it!?



Why was Connect to Facebook from within the Spotify website removed? If I missed it, my bad.

Why can't the app open a window in the default browser and have this go smoothly, no additional logins and no headaches?


Now, the only ways I could get this working would be:

1) Temporarily disabling Facebook 2-step authentication 

2) Using the traditional 2-step authentication (via SMS code or recovery codes), where you just press "Next" and Facebook does not enforce any redirect.


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Re: Quirky Connect to Facebook If 2-step Authentication

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Hey there @Ravenous,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


It is possible to connect to Facebook through the app - both desktop and mobile.

However it won't be possible through the website.

Can you try to connect to Facebook through a different device and let me know how it goes ?


Waiting to see how you did 😃

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