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Re: Spotify keeps playing after i pause it

Re: Spotify keeps playing after i pause it

I pause to listen to other audios and it puts itself back in play.
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Hey @joac21 - help's here!


Do you mind providing us with some more details about your issue, including the exact steps to reproduce it?


Could you also let us know your device, its OS version and the exact Spotify version you're running?


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hello. My device is a Motorola Z3 Play. Running Spotify Android

An example to reproduce the issue:

While listening music, you receive an audio msg from WhatsApp. You pause
Spotify, go to WhatsApp and play the audio. In the middle of listening that
audio Spotify will start playing again. You can pause it again and again
and it will start playing when you are listening to the audio msg.


Sorry forgot to mention this all happens while connected to a Bluetooth speaker or to a Car!




Hey @joac21,


Thanks for getting back to us and for clarifying what the issue is exactly.


Could you try a clean reinstall of the app by following the relevant steps for your device in this Spotify Answer?


If that doesn't do the trick, let us know and we'll see what else we can suggest.


Thanks - keep us posted 🙂

this has been happening to me for a few days (on my PC), super annoying see video attached, I pause the song, wait, and then it randomly starts playing again..


sometimes it starts playing a completely different, random song too.. this has also happened on my phone (i've tried removing and reinstalling spotify on my phone too)


oh wait I cannot attach the video, I get this message (see attached).. also frustrating (it says mp4s are not supported, then says mp4s are valid .. what is happening over there spotify? 

spotify issue.JPG

Hey @cschram3,


Thanks for reaching out and for trying some troubleshooting already.


Could you try again in an incognito window or from a different browser?


Once we have that, we'll be able to see what's happening so we know what to suggest.



Just did the clean install and it keeps happening....

thanks for the reply.. I've tried in an incognito window and it seems to be working okay. I had the issue with the desktop spotify app.

Hey there @cschram3,


Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know it works for you now! We're happy to hear (read) that.


@joac21, thanks for joining in! We appreciate your attempt to send us a video of what exactly happens. Is it possible to give it a try with a screen recording?


Can you let us know if you've tried any troubleshooting steps so far? 


Also, what's your device, your OS and your Spotify version?


We'll be keeping out an eye for your replies:) 

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uninstall poweramp equalizer? mine solved by that

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