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Recovering Saved Songs

Recovering Saved Songs

Somebody got access to my account and removed a large amount of my saved songs, up to 7 months ago. Is there any way to get those back?

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@redzedgeneral, sorry to hear that happened. It'd be best to contact Spotify support, they should be able to sort this out in no time ๐Ÿ™‚


Like if this helps! Have a good one.

I do not know about saved songs, but for playlists, you can try to go to this link and you can recover recently deleted playlists. I haven't experienced the issue personally, but you can give it a shot.


If that does not work, contact SpotifyCares on twitter and they can help step by step.

Hey Redzedgeneral!


I'm not entirely sure if you mean saved songs or playlists.


If you mean saved songs, then, unfortunately, there are no recovery tools for saved songs.


However, if you mean playlists, then fear no longer, Spotify offers a recovery tool for playlists!

You can directly access this by going to your Account overview and to "Recover Playlists".


Once you've found the page, you'll see information such as; date of deletion, playlist title, and the number of songs in the playlist.

By the information, you have the button "Restore" which will directly restore your playlist in mostly just a few seconds.


However, I strongly advise you to change the password if you haven't done it already and sign out all devices from your account as for someone else accessed your account.

Remember, a strong password is a strong account.



Let me know how it goes!


Best Regards,



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