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Shuffle Often Plays In The Same Order

Shuffle Often Plays In The Same Order

I think this has been mentioned before, but the shuffle function needs to be improved upon. I have a few playlists that i shuffle. If i stop listening for even a short while, and i shuffle again, its almost like it starts over and begins shuffling them in the same order as before. So i end up listening to the same songs all over again. Shuffle should be completely random every time. 

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Spotify interestingly just blogged about their Shuffle algorithms and how they are making changes:

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That post is interesting, but that is a little different than what I'm experiencing. I don't really mind if the same artist is repeated periodically (as long as it's not the same song as well). What I don't like is if I start shuffling a playlist, listen to a dozen songs, and then stop, when I begin shuffling the same playlist later, it often seems to play the same songs in the same order as before. Almost as if shuffling itself has a preset order

This happens to me all the time even if I shuffle all songs (largest "playlist")

Ive been noticing this recently. almost 4 years later and the problem isnt solved

Why is this still an issue in 2018? How embarrassing

Yep, it's annoying.

Yup, it is 2018 and I still get the same tracks in the same order everyday.


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