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Someone else is using my Spotify account


Someone else is using my Spotify account

Hi there,


I've used my Spotify on a few laptops that haven't been my own, but have always signed out (to my knowledge). Lately, I've had my sessions paused due to signing in elsewhere, and have noticed random starred tracks in my account. I've just changed my password, but is there anything you can do to help?





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My ex is still logged in to my Spotify and using it.

I've changed the password but I guess she hasn't logged out so it hasn't taken effect.

Could you kick her off?



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Hi Dave.


I have logged out all sessions. That will mean you need to log back in too.

Hey, I have the same problem, signed in to my spotify from other phones, have reset the password but I guess it's not signed out on all devices. Can you not make this avalible for all users? 

Could you please disconnected all active connections on my account as well?

Thanks in advance

noziv & pamplemousse - Hi there! I've just checked and there are no active users on either of your accounts. 


If you're still having please let me know. 

Hi, my friend is using my spotify and i have changed my password and everything but i guess he hasn't logged out so he can still use it, can you help me? 

alex 🙂

Hi Alex! Right now no one is logged into your account. 


You can reset your Spotify password here. I'd also change your FB password too if you're worried about security 🙂

I have the same problem can a moderator please disconnect all users of my account?

Hi Phlogios - No one is logged into your account either. 


If you keep having trouble with your log in please let us know. In the meantime, you could do a password reset for both Spotify and Facebook. 

I am having the same problem as well! 

Hi !

I've got a friend (maybe several people to) that is using my spotify account. please disconnect him.


Thanks !

There are no active login sessions on your account. Change your Spotify password. Then you should be OK.

I have the same problem can a moderator please disconnect all users signed into my account?

There are no active login sessions. Change your password

..and have a nice weekend.

I got the same problem, it seems like someone else is using my spotify from time to time. And i have no idea who it is. I've changed my password. 

This could be a "false positive". A slightly iffy internet connection can confuse the system into thinking that Spotify is being used in two places at once:


You only have one login session currently.

Can you help me with same problem, I have not been able to use my account all day because someone has been on it non stop. Please and thank you!:))

Hi Eaglfan27 - Right now no one is logged into your account. Are you still having trouble signing in?


You should be logging in with your Facebook email and password. 

i was just listening to some music and a message popped up saying Someone else is using my Spotify account. can you check to see if anyone is using this that i dont know of.


im the only one that uses spotify on my laptop no where else

Hiya skylerm - You're most likely having some account trouble because the Facebook you used to join has been disabled. 


As the two accounts are connected you'll need to reactive your FB to make sure everything runs smoothly. 


**Any other users receiving this message should check out this FAQ page as well:

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