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Spotify Connect/Random devices on my account?!

Spotify Connect/Random devices on my account?!

This has been an on-going issue for the past few weeks now. An unknown device entitled 'Sukhpals echodot' is connected to my account and I have zero idea who or where it is. I've changed my password several times, including my Facebook password incase my account was linked but still to no avail. It's getting very fustrating that somebody/something is accessing my account, making playlists and transferring the music I'm playing over to the device and playing their own song choices!


Any suggestions on how this can be fixed? 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 22.33.44.png
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I have the same issue. Judging by previous posts, this is nothing new... I wrote to support and see if they can fix it. I just started my amazon music unlimited trial, and will just switch over in case this keeps happening. 

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