Spotify Data leak??

Spotify Data leak??


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I am really upset. On January 20, 2020, I got kicked out of my own Spotify account. Talk with the customer service, was able to get my password/email reset. Ever since then I start to receive spam/phishing emails to my Spotify login email. This morning I receive this email: 


"Hello Dear,
How are you today, I hope you are doing great. It is my great pleasure to contact you and I hope you don't mind, I was just surfing through the Internet search when I found your email address, I want to make a new and special friend, I hope you don't mind.
My name is Dr. Tracy William, I am from the United States of America but presently I live and work in England...etc."


Okay, so how the heck did he find my email address? I then google my own email address, and found this: 

Posted two days before my account is hacked. I do not believe someone is able to get this many Studnet accounts without a data leak or an inside job, most of the passwords are unique complex passwords. Spotify needs to take action to protect customer's information. I look forward to hearing from yall. 

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Hi @jerrylin5168 


I think it would be unfair to jump to conclusion that Spotify leaks your data. The information you shown is just not enough evidence to point fingers at spotify.

Yes, I understand. The only reason I come up with that idea is that because the password I used (In that document with my email) is unique, which I have only used it in Spotify and nowhere else. Also, I have only been login to Spotify in my ios device or mac so it does have the chances of me getting hijack or hacked is pretty low. 

Hey @jerrylin5168,


Thanks for starting a thread and informing us about this. 


We can assure you that at Spotify we take privacy very seriously and we have reported this immediately to the right team. 


We appreciate your concern. We can confirm that Spotify has not been compromised and your data is secure.


You've taken the right steps to secure your account. Here's some more advice on how to keep your account secure in the future. 


We want to let you know you're welcome to report anything like that at any time. After that we'll make sure to handle it appropriately.


Let us know if there's anything else you'd like a helping hand with!

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This is a hilarious response.

Shopify Usernames and passwords get posted on Pastebin almost regularly. Shopify does nothing to address it and denies any breach. Check regularly to see if your info is leaked.

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