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Spotify Family Error!

Spotify Family Error!

Hey there! 

I want to change any of the family. But, "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again later." I get an error. Please help me! 



19 Replies

It doesn't seem like Spotify care much about this error. I too logged details of this bug days ago, but haven't had any response.
Poor form by the team at Spotify!

Oh! I think a common mistake bro. Unfortunately, we will continue to wait ..

I too am having this problem. I JUST signed up for Premium Family because we are leaving on a trip tomorrow. My daughter wants to keep her playlist so I am trying to invite her using her same email account. But I get an error every time I invite her. I'm super frustrated because that is the ENTIRE reason I signed up for Premium Family.

Hope they resolve this in the next four hours or I will have to cancel.


Inviting by email does not work, but using invitation link does. You can send it by mail manually.

I just don´t understand how it works with this sending a link thing: who will know I send a link ? And how does that person get the link ? There´s no mail or number involved; so I just don´t understand how it connects to the wanted one?

You should copy and paste this link to email message or any communicator - then send it to proper person.

Hello @abarox1912, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Have you tried with a new private tab, incognito mode or another browser?

Sending a link via email or SMS didn't work for me either.
Some random error about the user already existing, when they don't, then an error with unsupported browser. Swapped browsers and devices to no avail.

Reedeeming Premium Family sign up did not work on Google Chrome, but did work on Firefox!

Very dissappointed in Spotify and the way customer service is set-up. To slow of a response and not well thought through working out the bugs to the family plan.

Hey @SPOTIFY, my family premium isn't working too.

I tried 3 different browsers and incognito mode and nothing worked.

Same problem. Any idea ?

I have the same problem. Spotify Support, please react!!!

I tried three different Browsers with Incognito and nothing helped.

Same problem here in 2 days.


Spotify do not have a fix? an idea? this is boring

I received a reply to my support request from Spotify. They said they are aware of the bug and are working to fix it.


I hope they fix it quick!!!

This doesn't work. Multiple browsers, multiple computers, same issue.

I too got the same problem. I thought Spotify was trusty enough to fix my problem, i guess that is not happening soon or later.

I was having the same problem and finally after two days of trying everything I was able to find a solution ...


The person sending the request and the person accepting the request should be from the same country  .. ( both the spotify accounts should be from the same country )

thats it !!!!




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