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Spotify doesn't recognize I have premium.


Spotify doesn't recognize I have premium.

I just purchased premium earlier this week but I am having trouble syncing all my playlist on my Ipod. only some of my playlist are showing up on my ipod and for the ones that do show up, most of them are missing a lot of songs that  I have recently added to them. I've tried logging in and out and that doesn't work, and when I try to make a playlist available offline from my computer it says that I need a premium account to be able to do that, but I do have one.


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Hey @Keeganclarkkk ! Welcome to the community 🙂

I would suggest you have a read at and try the steps outlined in this post and see if they can get you up and running. 

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I am having the same issue. I signed up last week and my phone recognizes the premium account, but my desktop apps dont (Windows and Mac). Tried everything from reinstalling the apps to changing credentials on facebook. I have a support thread going, but I get 1 response a day to the issue and its dragging on and getting old. This support system sucks, it shouldnt take days to solve problems. 


Is there anyone on here that can look at accounts?

I've had the same problem. I just signed up for Spotify on Saturday. My phone recognizes that I have premium, but neither of my other computers (desktop and laptop, both Windows 7) will let me access Spotify Premium. It's pretty frustrating that ads pop-in while I'm trying to listen to music either to relax at home or to focus while I'm at work. 



Edit: If any Spotify people correct this problem, I have posted this under the non-Premium Spotify account (I have two). I can give the details of the other account through PM or email.

So I wonder if this is a wide spread issue. Support teirs continualy point towards authenitcation holes that are causeing the sysem to either not match up or error on authentication between the "Spotify" service and the FB authentication plugin.


I've had this issue since last week. Paying for premium service and not getting it. Maybe Spotify will be cool and credit the accounts that have prolonged issues. 


At the same notion I sorta wish I could see logs and things on their side, from the scripted style responses in the support department I don't think they have any clue as to whats wrong either....


SLovette - If you're logging in with your Facebook details, you should be getting your Premium. If you're not, please get in contact with Customer Support. They'll be able to sort it. Just head to 'About us' above, then 'Contact Form'.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

Your contact form is a joke and does not work. You are charging people for a service that does not work. Premium shows up on my Mac but not iphone or ipad. Seriously? This is your customer support in 2012?? Wow

Same problem here. Payed for premium, got a receipt, and my subscription status says I have premium. However, I don't get to enjoy the advantages of a premium account. Doesn't Neither on computer or smart phone. Spotify contact form is a joke, useless and doesn't work. 

I just got spotify premium and on the account on spotify website it says i have an active subscription. When i sign into spotify app on my computer and iphone its like i dont have premium just the basic free version. i payed for premium and i would like to get what i payed for!

I am having this problem as well.  Upgraded to premium and it doesnt recognize it on the iOS app..

Thank you for your help.


I'm having the same issue.  The account page lists my subscription as an active premium subscription.  The mac app and iphone app don't recognize that my account is premium.  I've tried logging in with my facebook and spotify info and get the same results.

I have premium on my desktop but my iphone and my ipad don't recognize that I have it, and the worst was finding out on a long flight without wifi. 

Did anyone on this thread get a resolution to this issue?

So has anyone on this thread resolved this? I became a premium member after I installed the app on my iPhone. When I opened the app after registering for the premium account it did not recognize it. I decided to download the app next to my iPad. Same thing on the iPad (and I am using FB to log in). Can this be fixed? Has anyone gotten this fixed? I am about to cancel the payment and get rid of this app - why pay $10 a month for radio - which apparently is the best you get with this rip off.

I bought premium and it won't recognize that I have it....Whats going on?

Same problem--just activated Premium trial, got recept email.

Spotify desktop on my Mac (OS X Mountain Lion) shows the Upgrade button (top right).

Spotify on my iPhone (iOS 5) will only let me do Radio as before.

Tried reinstalling my mobile app. Tried logging in with Spotify credentials, with Facebook credentials. Then unlinked from Facebook, relinked.

No difference.

Obviously super annoying.

EDIT: OK, this morning Pacific Time, it suddenly started working. I'm assuming someone flipped some switch somewhere or fixed a DB and it should soon work for all.

Just bought Spotify Premium and it hasn't updated on my four mobile devices or my desktop.

I am having the same problem.  Just signed up and I have no benefit of the premium service.  Only upside is that it's a 30 day trial before they start charging my credit card, I will be sure to cancel it very quickly.


Contacted customer services and after I told them I had already logged out and back in again they sent me an email asking for a screenshot.  I wasn't sure what of because they simply told me to send a screenshot and then gave me instructions on how to make one this was after telling me what a screenshot was...  So I sent a screenshot of my order confirmation and the spotify application still telling me to upgrade, I am still waiting to hear back from them...

OK. Downloaded on my computer. It appears I have premium there - the one place I won't use it. Another issue. Not only does my iphone app not recognize the premium subscription - it also doesn't show any of the playlists I created - it lists the playlists but they are empty. Which is odd because I created the playlists on the iphone with the free trial (the free trial worked fine!). Now the ipad shows the playlists - but won't recognize premium - so I can't listen to them. Three different devices - only one works - WTF?

Having all of the same issues stated above. Just started free trial, but Windows application, and Android application both don't recognize the Premium trial.


I've deleted all Spotify cache, logged in and out, reinstalled, and nothing seems to fix the issue.


Everything shows peachy when I'm viewing my account profile on the web, however.


I did send in the customer support form, so I guess we'll see where that takes us.

I recently bought Spotify premium, in hopes that I could stream music from my Android device.  However, my phone won't recognize my premium subscription.  I was emailed the receipt, and my account says I have premium.  I've tried logging in and logging out multiple times and nothing is working.  Whenever I try to play a song, it says "Sorry, can't play this track. Only Premium users can stream on demand on mobile. Radio is always free." ...but I paid for premium.  I'd like to stream music, not listen to free radio.


Please fix.

Hi everyone! I can assure you the team is looking into why some users are having trouble this morning.  


In the meantime, the first things I recommend trying are 1. Sign out/ sign in 2. A clean reinstallation


If you're still not receiving Premium, get in touch via the contact form. From there we can certainly help. 

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