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Spotify in Ukraine


Spotify in Ukraine


I have been waiting for the magic e-mail notifying launch in Ukraine for like a year or more. I would gladly use something else but Spotify is the best imo even though all the hype is long gone. Is there still hope or you already forgot about Ukraine?

70 Replies

A lot of young people have to use VPN (and even pay to VPN services) to access the Spotify, because there are no other alternatives (Apple Music, maybe). Personaly I've been waiting for one year, and this topic is almost three years old. It's ridiculous.

I am waiting for Spotify in Ukraine as well. Please :3

Give Spotify in Ukraine.

Bring it on!!!

Я в Украине и у меня получилось подключиться к Spotify без танцев с бубном. Можно сказать стандартным для всех пользователей путём. (На сайте Log In with Facebook - может не с первого раза зайти, но несколько раз покликав пообновляв страницу, всё-таки удалось создать аккаунт, дальше скачиваешь и  ставишь приложение входишь в него и всё) По приложению есть один момент, на сайте в аккаунте есть раздел Set device password, там есть username и кнопка с отправкой пароля на почту, а точнее со ссылкой на установку этого пароля, нажимаем на нее, потом идем на почту ставим пароль. Дальше в приложении вводим username из этого раздела и пароль который установили. У меня после этого выполнился вход нормально и все функции работают. На андроиде тоже вошел в профиль и всё работает и проигрывается.

Надеюсь кому-то эта информация будет полезной. Мне по крайней мере помогло.

I've been using Spotify for more than 3 years without any problems, but it will be cool, when service to come to Ukraine and other people could enjoy quality content.

same here, but I still want to be able to buy subscription officially.

It's a perfect time to launch Spotify in Ukraine right now! Literally RIGHT NOW! Popular social media here VK has just got banned. And people have been using it to listen to music, mostly illegally by breaking authors' rights. But they wouldn't need to do it if your service was here. Let those who can't afford premium listen to music with ads. Isn't it what your service is about? Or is there not enough advertisers? Please, reply.


P.S. Don't forget that huge amount of people WOULD buy premium.



Since VK got banned in Ukraine, I am moving to Google Music. Google music is a good music service that do works in Ukraine. And it is quite cheap. Only a few dollars per month(50  UAH).  Google Music client for my iphone works great. Unlimited music. 



As far as Spotify refuse to earn money in my country, I believe this service will be closed soon because of financial difficulties. Google music, Apple music and SoundCloud work perfectly here. So there is no sense to register here.

We really need Spotify for Ukraine. I tried it and it feels much much better than Googple Play Music. But there's no way to buy premium from UA, even if you get registered anyhow.

Keep waiting, it's 2017. I'll keep TunelBear untill 2018.

Maybe I'll change to Google Music then.

TO SPOTIFY: Giving my vote for Spotify in Ukraine!


TO UA COMMUNITY: guys, very glad to see so much of you here)) foolishly thought that my post will be first here. I`m sure we will get what we all want so hard))

Pray for UA

Join me in FB - c.volovik

+1 vote for Spotify in Ukraine!

Still waiting, for about 5 years... Why can't you just enable support and that's all...

Restricting access, on the Internet by geography, it's funny, as well as getting ready to accept payments for a subscription. The window is already 2017 and the Internet already knows no boundaries

b o i  I've been waiting for 3 years I'm sick of having to use a vpn for spotify 



please launch spotify in ukraine 


p l e a s e 


Please launch Spotify in Ukraine

+100 vote for Spotify in Ukraine!


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