Spotify won't let me change my email address

Spotify won't let me change my email address

I simply want to change my asscociated Spotify email address from a recently defunct email address to my current gmail address, but when I try, Spotify tells me my gmail address is "already in use."  I vaguely recall that a few years back, I may have created a different Spotify account, a free one, with said gmail address, and that's what Spotify is referring to when it says "already in use." 


My question is, how do I get rid of that other Spotify account, thus freeing up my gmail address to be my new Spotify associated email address?  I have a gut feeling that if I somehow manage to log into that old acct, and then "delete" it, my gmail address will STILL come up as "already used" when I go back into my current acct and try to implement it as my new email address. What I'm hoping for is to actually get in touch with a Spotify tech person who could delete the account for me, which is why I'm on this Help forum. I don't want to make matters worse by deleting the old acct and then that still doesn't work, and I'm stuck never being able to fix it.  Assuming you can even do such a thing as delete accts...  I Any help would be most appreciated.

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Hey Gervish!

If you have the possibility to delete your account associated with your Gmail account, you should have the opportunity to create an account with it again.

It's a much quicker option rather than contacting the Support Team.
I recommend you to try that first.

Best Regards,

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