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Student Account Suddently Changed to Family without Notifying Me

Student Account Suddently Changed to Family without Notifying Me



Long-time student subscriber here.  I had $10 in my bank account last night, and I just got notified of an overdraft today.  Looked it up, Spotify charged $16.37. 


"HOLY COW!!!!! I never changed my account type, what the heck!"


Looked it up in my "receipts" section in my account, it appears I was charged for a family subscription.




I have since cancelled my subscription and re-signed up to the student version. 


O, Spotify Customer Service wizards, please return my account to the correct type and change the billing amount!  I'm overdrawn and I wasn't able to eat lunch today.  


Also, perhaps related, I've had some weird devices on my account that have been trying to take my music away from me!  They only listen to not-in-English music, so it appears some European hacker has attached himself in the most parasitic fashion to my beloved Spotify account!  Please eliminate this pest!

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Hey there!


This is something for our Accounts team. Get in touch with them via this contact form, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.

We'll be happy to help you sort this out 🙂

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