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Student subscription bought, but comes up as 'free' account

Student subscription bought, but comes up as 'free' account

I recently subscribed to the spotify premium student service. On my account page under subscription it says that I am using the free service, but I have just checked my statement online and it says that £4.99 has left my account and gone to spotify.


Is there a certain date that the subscription starts? Such as the 1st of every month, and therefore the account will update then? Or can I speak to someone about how to fix this issue?



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Hi there 🙂


Subscriptions start as soon as money is taken out of your account. It is likely you have a duplicate account, such as through Facebook, that you have subscribed to premium.


You should contact the payments team using the Support Form, as they will be able to track down the duplicate account and delete it, allowing you to subscribe your correct account.



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