Surprise with foreign transaction fee


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I was paying for my Spotify subscription via CommBank Visa Card, and was not getting the fee. The monthly payment was listed as being sent to SPOTIFY AUSTRALIA PL.


I'm in the process of closing my CommBank accounts, and so updated my Spotify payment to PayPal Australia payment, with my PayPal payments coming out of an ING Australia account. My first month's payment to Spotify has just cleared, and I've been charged an international transaction fee on my ING account. The payment is going through PayPal Australia, in Australian dollars.

This is really frustrating. 

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Since this issue seems to have been going on for a long time I would expect that Spotify would by now have worked out that their transactions need to be recognised as an Autralian transaction when singin up from Australia. 2018 and I am having the same issues. So what is the solution Spotify has reached for its customers in 2018 to stop the issue raised 2 years ago - Appears to be nothing??

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At one point, spotify refunded me all the excess transaction fees from the
past.. but then I think it kept happening after that. I gave up caring
because it was such a small amount in $$, but as a % it is not that small
cos spotify itself is cheap, so they should defs try to fix it.

Re: Surprise with foreign transaction fee


I subscribed to Spotify Australia, and believed it would cost me $17.99 (Aussie dollars) for the family subscription, as advertised. 

The receipt in my Spotify account, and the corresponding Paypal transaction show AUD17.99. 

However, my credit card statement shows a charge from Spotify GB for AUD18.52 + AUD0.53 for foreign fee.

I'm seriously considering cancelling my subscription, as this seems to me like misleading advertising. When a service is offered in Australia (via an Australia web page) and charges shown in Australian dollars, you assume that that's what you'll be charged.

If Spotify happens to process the payment from outside Australia is not really my problem, and I shouldn't be expected to bear the cost of it.

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I raised the same issue with Spotify Support via an online chat. They have refunded the 53c foreign transaction as I explained that the processing of the payment is outside of my control and since I have never been charged previously, they can refund me and ensure the payment is processed in Australia going forward. Ridiculous that this issue has not been rectified years after it being reported...

Re: Surprise with foreign transaction fee


July 2019 - I've been charged via spotify GB and incurrent an international fee also. Instead of the usual spotify Australia. Chat so far are useless and don't recognize the issues, and asking me to tell bank to fix it