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Tried everything cannot login

Tried everything cannot login

Hi all, I have tried everything Facebook, email to login to my Spotify account. Since I can remember I have not been able to use the service. I believe my profile or something is corrupt. Can someone reset my profile ? 

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Hey! It sounds like you forgot your accounts.
Can you double check you’re using the right details (e.g. Possible email and password pattern)?
If no, I’d recommend you contact support for further assistance.
Thank you.

Hi thanks for replying,


I have not forgotten my account details but I have reset my password.  


I get either of the following error messages which I try to login from the app. 


1. We are experiencing technical problems

2. Enjoy your trip! To listen abroad for more than 14 days tell us were you are at


What else I've tried.


1. Remove app cache storage 

2 .Reinstall the app

3. Disconnect from Facebook and reconnect with Facebook


I just want to try the free version





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