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Two Usernames connected to one E-Mail

Two Usernames connected to one E-Mail

Hey guys,


I got a problem with my Spotify Account. I've started using Spotify free a few years ago and upgraded to Premium ca. one year ago. Today I wanted to check out my year of music on spotify and when I tried to log in with my E-Mail and Password the Browsers Log-In Window tells me "Username or PW unknwon". When I log in with the Spotify Software on my PC, there is now Problem and when I check my Account using the Software, the browsers connencts to the right account. But after I surf on the spotify website for a few minutes, the account changes to another username with the same E-Mail and without premium...


What can I do?




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Hi there!


We can help you out with this. Just get in touch with us via this contact form, or on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle.


Give us a shout out, we'll be right there.

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