Unable to login on android app

Unable to login on android app

I am unable to login via the App on Android. The username and password combination is correct as I am able to login on the web platform. Whenever I type in the credentials, I get the error message that I am offline. I have verified that I am connected to the Internet while logging in. If I select the sign in without password option, it sends the link to my email ID. I click on it within a minute and it gives me the message that the link as expired. Ideally, the link should work for 4 hours. I have tried reinstalling the application as well. Nothing has worked so far. Do help.


I have an Android phone - Samsung Note 9.

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Hey there @Aruuu


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

In case the reinstall you performed didn't help, can you try opening the email including the new link in a private/incognito window? This step ensures cache isn't preventing the link to work properly. 


Another thing to try is disabling any power saving or data cleaning settings on your mobile device. Such settings might interfere with the web browser in use. 


Keep us posted! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help.  

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