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Unwanted Recommendations

Unwanted Recommendations

A couple months ago my daughter was logging into my account using my login credentials.  The music she listened to is still showing up in my recommendations and I don't see a way to remove them. I listen to indie and new artists a lot and I want my recommendations to be relevant to me. I don't see why music I will never listen to is still showing up on my home page, even after I removed as many of them as I could from recently played and even downvoted some of them in the player. (I will say I removed them all from my recently played from the home page, but I cannot remove them from recently played under my profile. That seems inconsistent and buggy.) It's not benefitting either me or Spotify's sales and user retention to suggest music I will never listen to with no way to get rid of it. It just annoys me.


As a fix, perhaps recommendations should not be weighted so much on recently played (although in my case it's not even recent) and much more weight can be put on music in one's library, playlists and searches or that one has given the thumbs up in radio.  Maybe it would be good to allow users to specify genres of music they like and/or choose to keep certain genres out of recommendations.

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I agree.  Spotify sucks at recommendations esp Amnoying are podcasts about death.  see attached screen shot.  If this isn’t fixed. I’m out and taking fam with me.  




try to like more what you like & downvote or mute/block artists you don't wanna to hear.
The algorithm of Spotify maybe changes over the time.

But I totally agree with you, it would be awesome if people can fix their "Sound-Preferences" if their music taste changed in somehow.

Hope this helps a bit for the moment.

Thanks…I can certainly “like” more songs. Is it possible to “like” podcasts? The problem is with podcast suggestions and insertions into daily drive, and top recommendations.

You can follow the podcasts you like. That's really something Spotify should focus on in the future!

Just did update now I cant get recommendations off of my screen, I hate them, this might be a deal breaker.

Hey there @1customer and @hsbonline,


Sorry to hear you're not happy with the recommendations you're getting. We'll be happy to show you how those can be improved.


As @user-removed suggested, you should like more of your favorite songs. That way your recommendations will be more aligned with your taste. For full info on this, check out this support page and head to Improve playlists made for you.


On the other hand, if you'd like to have the option to reset your listening history and start over with a clean slate, we recommend to add your +VOTE to this idea to show your support.


If you'd like to suggest something different, however, you can always submit a new idea for it.


For more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.


Hope this info is useful. We'll be here if you need help with anything else 🙂

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I'm not seeing recommendations based on my tastes, I'm seeing an ad for a podcast that I can't remove, even ignoring the fact I've never listened to a podcast on Spotify in my life. Who decided to put that at the premium spot instead of letting me use Spotify the way I want to use it? This is really pissing me off and I am now considering leaving the platform all together because it's like nobody at the company cares if I keep paying.

Hey there @Goabnb


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Just to double-check, have you deactivated the new release announcements in the settings of the Spotify app? If not, simply go to Settings in the desktop app, scroll down to Display Options and toggle off the switch next to Show announcements about new releases.


It's also possible that you're logged in to a free Spotify account. Sometimes Spotify users create more than one account for different reasons. In such a case you might have both free and Premium accounts. If you're accidentally logged in to your free account, you won't be able to see Premium features. 


We suggest you head to this help page. Make sure you check all the troubleshooting steps and especially the ones for finding other accounts.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 

It's 2022 and they still haven't fixed this. I'm getting BS recommendations and I'm thinking about leaving for YouTube Music, etc.

I'd love be to see an option to remove the "All About..." recommendations on the home page. I have nothing against Kendrick Lamar, but have never listened to any of his songs on Spotify. 


It'd be nice to have a toggle to turn these recommendations off and on.


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