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Using PC and Google Nest Hub at the same time

Using PC and Google Nest Hub at the same time





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I have a premium family plan. There are 3 members within this plan. During the day, I login to my PC with Spotify on, while I work with headphones on. My kids want to listen to Spotify using the Google Nest Hub OR Mini (linked together) while I am in the next room. The problem i have this that when they do this, it boots me out of my Spotify and tells me it's streaming on another device. I understand that. Knowing I have to sign out of the device somehow is the problem. My Google hub currently has a photostream that syncs to my gmail address. If I sign the Hub out of that address, the photo stream too is gone. Why is there not an option to sign out of just Spotify on those devices so that the email address can continue to feed the photos, but Spotify can be logged in via a separate member in the family plan?


thanks for any help on this..


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Hey there @tuuluuwag!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out. 


This is indeed a bit of tricky situation but we have a suggestion that might help.


Take a look at this page to see how can set up Google Voice Assistant. 


With that option you should be able to connect your kids' Spotify accounts to the Google Home speakers and when they give a voice command the music should stream from their own accounts without interruption yours.


You can also find more info on the process here under ''Can I listen to multiple Spotify accounts on my Google Home?''


Let us know if that helps. We'll be here if you have any further questions.


Have a great day!

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