Very high mobile data use/Android auto not working offline


Very high mobile data use/Android auto not working offline

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Country: United States


Device: Moto V2 Play


Operating System: Oreo 8.0


My Question or Issue:

High mobile data usage on phone - since 12/4 the app has used 1.49gb of data in the background


Here is what I've done to attempt to prevent this: Downloaded full playlist on wifi

-Switched Spotify to offline mode (Android Auto will not let me do this - states I must have an internet connection)

-Switched background usage off in Spotify app settings on Andrioid

-Streaming quality set to automatic - (If using in the car I always play my custom playlist that is downloaded to my phone)

- Cleared cache and all data on Spotify - reinstalled app


Is there anything I can do to stop this in the future? I DO NOT want to have to pay for an app that burns through all of my data without any kind of notification or permissions asking for this to occur. I feel like Spotify should be reimbursing me for this data loss, I won't begin my new bill cycle for another 18 days. I'm strongly considering canceling my plan after this happened. Can't the app be tweaked to where we can use our playlists offline (Android Auto or Apple Car Play) or can the app ask for permission to use mobile data or background data? Most modern apps will let you pick which works best for you.


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Re: Very high mobile data use/Android auto not working offline


try turning on data saver

Re: Very high mobile data use/Android auto not working offline


Hey @stuke85.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the late reply!


We suggest you check out this support article, which will give you ways of reducing the amount of data Spotify uses on your phone.


With regard to the Android Auto offline feature, this is an issue which we are aware of, and our tech team is currently looking into it.


In the meantime, you can head over to this thread and leave the requested information, which we will pass on to the relevant people. We will keep you updated there as soon as we have any updates.


Also don't forget to add your vote in the thread - that way we can see how many people are experiencing this issue.


Thanks again!

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