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Web player (chrome) problem (virus/hack/crash)

Web player (chrome) problem (virus/hack/crash)

I have this problem for like 1 month. When I open my Spotify it's playing some random Playlist opened in web player. 


In the image attached you can see how many web players are opened in my account.


Tried closing all account access, without luky. I just changed my password and detached Facebook but I think it's not working.


If someone knows what to do please help. Thanks! 

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Same problem here since 3 weeks. It's even playing some music with this web player, I think. Changed my (strong) password, did not help. No viruses or anything else found on my computer or phone. I strongly believe this is not a virus now, but I don't know what else. 

I already resolved it. You need to remove permission for apps in Spotify
web page (like waze, Google...)

Removed like 2 or 3 suspicious app permission (I removed all permission)
and it working fine back again.

Hope It helps

Hey @Justi153.


Thanks for getting in touch!


If you are still noticing strange activities, be sure to follow the steps on this page. Our friends at support will secure your account so you can listen to music without interruptions.


Let us know if you have further questions. We'll be happy to help.


Have a nice day!

Hi, I had similar problem. It has nothing to do with visus but network. I have changed name of my device and it works now as it should. In your case shows Chrome browser. Try to uninsall and install Spotify again.

I had the same issue and I decided to fight back. I started a music fight, putting always the same song: **bleep** from the band Cryogenic. I guess I have won the war, because I did not had any more problems after that. Altough this is certainly not the best solution. The best one would be to change password and apply it to all your devices. I hope this has helped somehow.

Tienes que eliminar a todas las aplicaciones desde este enlace
Hay uno que es ..........player ese es
You have todo delete all permision from that link
There are one ho is.......... Player thats is

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