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Why is it so difficult to delete my account?

Why is it so difficult to delete my account?

Why can't I delete my account from within my own profile? I believe this is made difficult on purpose, and I find this practice to be unscrupulous. 


Anyway, I have followed the procedure outlined in other posts, where I send support an email requesting that my account be closed. It simply never happens. What must I do to have my Spotify account deleted?

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I call that evil & a huge pain too.
Why make me hunt down the,"delete my account."
It does show delete my account in their search function anywhere.
Not happy & will tell others too.
Very poor job on their part.

Hey there!


I'm sorry to hear the struggle you've been having. When you sent the email, what address did you send it to? I'm not sure how often they check the email, so use this contact form instead.


Support should get back to within 24-48 hour. If you get an automated email sending you back to the Community just reply back to it to make sure you get in contact with them.


Hope this helped and if you need anything else, just let me know!

Here is what I get when I click your provided link:


Error 404 - Not found
Sorry, but the page you requested does not exist.

Useful links
Home page

That's odd. It works for me.


How about this one?


If that doesn't work, try this one.

Thank you for your responce.
With your first link I can get to this link, which goes to deleting your premium subscription, which is not your account
Heres the link;
Spotify wishes my experience to be horrify because not more links, emails for something that needn't be so confusing, difficult & hard to delete my account.

Plus a edit function for my spelling mistakes would be helpful too.



I'll give you a step by step to make sure everything goes smoothly.


  1. Go to me.
  2. Click Account & Payments
  3. Scroll to the bottem and click Other
  4. Click I Still Need Help
  5. Type what you want
  6. Click Send Question

As for editing your post, click Options at the top right of your post and then Edit Reply.


Thank you for your step-by-step: I filled out it & recived a auto rely email.
I will keep you updated as to my progress with deleting my account.

Great! Make sure you reply to that auto email.

I agree that this is crazy hard to delete an accuont (not premium). I had a premium account once and was charged long after I cancelled, until I complained for about 3 months, and had to dig all kinds of credit card receipts. Now I'm trying do completely delete the free account, and was told my zip code doesn't match. I can provide drivers license, passport, proof of residency, etc. but I cannot remember all the places I've lived in the last x number of years since I signed up for a free trial of Spotify.


The thing that annoys me most and makes me never want to come back is that no one from Spotify answers the question of why it's so difficult to delete an account. If they would just answer that question, I might not be so irritated.

All in capitals as I am shoutung at it!!

i just went through a close account process

I was asked on 6 separate occasions was i sure i wanted to close my account and all the warnings about losing spotify benefits

Does spotify not understand that some people just want to close an account!?

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