Worldwide Student Discount

Worldwide Student Discount

Dear Spotify


Are you aware that there are also students outside the US on a tight budget?


I'm pretty tired of the general "US first" prioritizing most companies have.


As of right now, I prefer Spotify over any other competitor, but on my budget, I have to use Google Play Music instead and almost just as good.


Now, I'm expecting some fanboys to come and say "Then stay on Google Play Music and stop whining". That's not really the point. What annoys me is the fact that the US is always being prioritized.


Yes, I've seen the last post about the same from 2014, but nothing happens and I'm curious if I'm gonna have to stay as a Google Play Music customer.

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Hey @Erico,


I totally understand how you feel. So far, the only thing we can do to voice this out more is add feedback and Kudos on the official idea:


Guess for now it's a tad ambitious, but it's always good to hope. 


Rock on!

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