account hacked and switched to family, stranger's email address added.

account hacked and switched to family, stranger's email address added.


My account was hacked and switched to a family account. An email address was added. I removed this and switched back to premium. Please explain how this happened, tell me when it happened and confirm I will not be charged for a family account. I have a screenshot of the person's email address.

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Hello @noramag. If you believe that your account has been compromised I would encourage you to use the anonymous online contact form. So long as you are entirely logged out of (alternatively, access the form via an incognito window/private browsing) the form will allow you to use an email of your choosing for correspondence. Please make sure that this is an email that is not compromised and you have access to it.

In regards to the contact form, upon filling it out you should receive a confirmation email, usually a generic message containing the information you provided and instructions to visit these forums. If after 24 hours you do not hear back from a support team member, please reply directly back to the confirmation email, even if it originates from a no-reply address. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If it is not present there, please attempt using one of the other contact methods, or, if you are unable to use the alternatives, please let me know.

If you would prefer to not use the contact form, or require an alternative, either e @SpotifyCares on twitter, or the Spotify Cares Facebook page will work. Please be aware that responses may take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the volume of tickets support is currently handling.

To ensure your security in the future, please keep in mind that Spotify accounts are most likely compromised when the same login information is used for another site/service that has experienced a data breach. I strongly recommend using a password manager, such as LastPass, as a way of ensuring that all of your accounts are secure.

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