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logging with Facebook

logging with Facebook

I have a problem with the option "log in with facebook"


i have a premium account, i log in with an account of facebook (n 1) , I logged out and tried to log in with an another facebook account (n 2), but still appears in the profile picture, the photo of the previous account (n 1). But this happens only with the app i have installed on my notebook, 'cause if i go to my profile page in appears the photo of the account n 2.


What can i do? i already reinstalled the app on my notebook ... The main problem is that i can't find my friends with second account 'cause shows only the friends of the account n1, so i can't send the playlists to my friends of the account n2.


Please help

3 Replies

Hey there!

This is something for our Accounts team. Get in touch via or via Twitter @SpotifyCares.

Let us know how it goes.

My account is linked to my facebook account and i no longer want that, i want to delete my account that is connect to my facebook. i will make  a new one using my email later.  But i've follwed the directions saying to go to the contact forum and have sent them an email only or them tp reply with a useless email that send back to the same place and i find this very poor service. id ont understand why they dont just make a terminate account button

No worries, we'll be able to help if you reply to that email. Also, if you'd like you can reach to our Twitter account with the case number and we'll chase this up.


Keep on dancing 🙂

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