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"Allow Spotify to be opened from the web" Option Missing

"Allow Spotify to be opened from the web" Option Missing

 Operating System

Windows 10


I've had this problem for months and I can't seem to find any one else with this problem.

I can no longer use my Spotify Stream Widget to show what song I'm playing when I stream, because it cannot connect to the Spotify Web Helper. When I try to go into my setting to turn on "Allow Spotify to be opened from the web", the option is  simply missing.

I would really like to figure out what's wrong so I can use my stream widget again.



Screenshot 2018-08-22 20.39.17.png
3 Replies

Hey @collinvore, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


It looks like Spotify may have removed the Spotify Web Helper recently. You can no longer use the features associated with that part of Spotify.

You can also read this article for more about the Play button on the web 🙂

Have a nice day! 🙂

You have got to be kidding me. There's a whole feature built into Discord that I used to use every day that's no longer available thanks to these changes.

Spotify, please reconsider. The Web Helper brings expandability to Spotify; something that's unique and sorely missing from other music platforms.

Hey @WinterPhoenix96.


We understand your frustration. The problem is that this is a third-party extension which wasn't created by Spotify, so if it has been discontinued, it has been done so by the developer, not by us.


We hope that clears things up. If there's anything else, we'll be here 🙂




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