"This content is not available" - but only for me.

"This content is not available" - but only for me.







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Hi, so after listening to one song on repeat for about 2 days while working (https://open.spotify.com/album/337mzRS3hivhPRXorHhCB9?highlight=spotify:track:74bl1BknckkMbxpBJFSxmH), I found I am no longer able to play the song, or entire album, even. It will not work for me on any device (phone, web, windows apps, multiple PCs, etc.).


However, I asked a friend to play it, and he can with no problem. I am wondering now if my account was flagged for being something like a "click-farm" since I did listen to the song about 200 times in about 2 days. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Have I hit my quota of listens or something? Thanks.

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hi, thanks for contact the Community,
maybe try to log out and log in again or restart your system. Can you play other songs or albums ? try playing annother song and then this song again.
hope i could help.

Hey @mett139,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


It's a good idea to follow the suggestion of @Phoenixracker42 by using the log out everywhere feature and if the issue persists-  run a clean reinstall on your device. This involves deleting the cache files of the app and will force a account wide resynchronization of your info. You can have a look at this guide for the steps relevant to each device. Give your device a quick restart as well before you open the newly installed app.  


Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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