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recently played not syncing with my devices

recently played not syncing with my devices

I‘m listening to Spotify on different devices, but if I’m listening to some playlists on one device it doesnt appear later on the other phone as ‚recently played‘


about 4 weeks ago wasnt this a problem- I saw which playlists and songs I’m listening to earlier on an other device 


please fix this! Big Thanks! 

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Hey @rziii1, welcome to the community!


Right now, the history is saved only on the device you're rocking Spotify with. If you want to sync it to other devices, you'll need to open the app on the devices you use while you're listening.


If the devices show as available to use Spotify Connect, the history will be saved on both devices.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

Thanks for your answer!

but how is it possible that I saw the listening history about an month ago on both devices? 🤔

I share my spotify acc with my girlfriend and I was always able to see which playlists she was listening to. I saw them too when I wasnt connected at the same time via Spotify Connect.


I don‘t get it 

I too think this should be the default behavior for a user profile between devices.  Nothing more annoying than being in the groove at home and then having to dig the song back up when you go to your car.  Every other app snycs this way--why do the spotify managers think they should always be ignoring common sense?

Just repyling to my own post to update and say I still hate Spotify management haha. 


Also, it would be nice if under the "artist" menu Spotify displayed the artist albums before directing me to the entire song list (forcing me to dig through literally all the songs just to find the album at the bottom of the list and the song on it).


Again, these managers have zero common sense.  

Agreed. Spotify's UX is just terrible. 

I agree - "Recently played" should, at least as an option, synchronize across all devices using the same account. It's illogical and frustrating that it doesn't.

In my opinion Spotify put too much effort into making suggestions on things I might want to listen to and too little on  core functionality like this.

Frustrating to see such an obvious functional gap "suggested" over 2 years ago will no sign that Spotify will ever address it.

The original poster implying that this wasn't an issue four or so weeks ago seems to indicate, at least to me, that someone on Spotify's IT team made a poor decision. If there was ever a time when the "recently played" page was synchronized across all your devices, as it should be, why on Earth would you walk that back? Everything else is tied to your Spotify profile, why not what's most recently played? Hopefully, if this is just a bug that was introduced with a recent update, it'll be fixed soon. 

I'd like to follow up on what people in here have been writing (with the hope that someone from Spotify's IT team sees this post), is this something that can be changed/fixed soon? I too find it quite annoying.

Three years passed and we still can't continue playing our queue when switching from one device to another.

This is so embarrassing and typical for corpos, they just ignore any QOL issues/suggestions of customers until they link them to a major loss of customers. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting here.


We hope you don’t mind us replying now as we just stumbled upon this thread.


Currently there is a Recently Played destination on mobile that reflects your listening history across all devices. You can head here for more information about it.


In case the Recently Played section on the Home screen is not updating, we'd suggest you restart your device, log out and log back in again to check if that helps.

@Just_Ice It sounds like you might be experiencing this issue. You can follow the steps from the Status Update and also Subscribe to the thread so you can stay up-to-date with any news about this.


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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March of 2022 and this is still a problem for me across 4 different devices. I use my phone, work laptop, personal desktop and my google home devices to listen to Spotify. I listen to a lot of podcasts as well, so my day routine goes like this. Wake up, listen to podcast on my phone in the shower, then change to desktop, then google home when I'm in the kitchen, then back to my phone to go to work, then my work laptop. Every single time, without failmy place in the podcast is lost when switching devices, sometimes it's not even showing on one of the devices and it says my last played was music I listened to days ago, not the podcast I was just listening to minutes ago. I then have to hunt in the episode for my spot, wasting my time, minutes each morning just to do what your app should automatically do. I work in IT so troubleshooting is my forte, and no amount of logout/login, restart app, clear cache, uninstall/reinstall fixes this. This has been occurring for literally 2 years for me, so much that I'm like pavlov's dog when trying to listen to anything I'm already preparing to find my place again. I've been a customer since 2014 and it feels like with every update or UI change, the app gets worse and harder to use. How about fix your stuff instead of changing the UI every other week. 

Having the same experience. Using Spotify for a few years now and this has not been fixed. How difficult could it be? One would think syncing between devices is the most obvious feature today, but no way with Spotify. I don't get this at all... 

Just adding to this discussion, I remember about a decade ago this feature not only existed but was a selling point of the Premium plan. You could listen to music on your desktop at home, then jump to your car and keep listening exactly where you left off, arrive at work and keep listening on the desktop app there.



It was smooth. It was fantastic.


Spotify has become just lazy. And the worst is we're left with no other real viable alternative.

I'm this close to start a GoFundMe and create my own music service.

On My linux pc app of spotify every time I restart it no history with other devices is shared. It started empty every time of restart. What can I do? On mobile devices it works so lala. When I switch most of the time I listen to a part of the songs again.


this still seems to be an issue across the platform - iOS & android history was sorted in 2021 but what about the rest of the Spotify connect platform?

I can browse Spotify on squeezeplay via Spotify connect & also tell squeeze what to play from android or iOS apps.

Its all using the same accounts since I can see the playlists…. But  I can’t see the history across this divide? 
It’s all streaming from the same place? Same premium account? Why no consistent cross platform history then?

Apologies if you are community, but you come across as internal..





August 2023, still an issue, wow.

Also annoying : no sync most of the time, and also if I put a reminding melody of Spotify my list is destroyed, this can't stay! Also the history. So in one word: for me it seems like a wonder if it works like desired. If it simply would ask if I switch lists or devices and ensure oneself what to do it would be fantastic.

Maybe an option if every device should be managed on its own.... Or whether what list should be continued to listen... 

Do it, I have a feeling this ain't a party.... One Monday afternoon and we will get rid of all the nasty things.... 😎


I really doubt anybody at Spotify is really interested in here. It is a rotten banana product.... If millions are satisfied enough not to start a revolution, then it must be a really good product... 

I'm logged into four devices and all of them have their own listening history, like I had four different accounts! It doesn't make any sense

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