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APN Issues

APN Issues

I have been using spotify for quite some time and am very happy with it.


I noticed at work today that when I loose all mobile signal Spotify thinks I am disconnected from the internet even when a valid internet connection exists with wifi.


I am able to bypass this issue by routing my traffic through a vpn on android thus bypassing the APN. Surely this behaviour is wrong. If there is no internet connection via 3G/4G and a wireless connection exists then it should simply use the wireless connection as the preferred way of connecting not say "No connection".


I feel this is a bug unless anyone knows how to fix it. 


I have already tried the following without success:


Reinstaling spotify

Checking APN uses IPV4 (it does)

Created my own custom APN (fails).


Used VPN (makes it work).


If I go nearer the window where there is a mobile signal it all magically works so I feel that it is getting an error from the APN and failing and never checking the wireless connection.




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