All Albums Disappeared from library?


All Albums Disappeared from library?

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No idea what just happened, was listening to a downloaded album on my nexus 5 (Android 4.4.3), when the current track finished it didn't go onto the next one.

When I looked, I got a message saying that I'd removed the album from my library. I re-added it, then went back to the album view, all of my albums have disappeared, including all the downloaded music for it. (At least I assume so as the app footprint has gone from over 2gb+ down to <1gb)

What's really strange is the playlists are all there still and any downloaded playlist music is still downloaded and available, so not everything is lost.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anyway to restore them? (I know you can playlists.. But is there something for saved albums?)

I've no idea if they've gone from my desktop version as I'm not at home, so I can't test that unfortunately.

Should possibly note as well that I'm a Spotify premium member, so I don't think that should affect anything.
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Majority of my albums have disappeared. I looked at recently added songs and it says I've saved the songs, but when I go to the album half of the songs aren't showing. I've already deleted and re-downloaded Spotify several times, I've restarted my phone, and I've logged out and then back in and nothing has worked. That's over two years worth of saved music that has disappeared and I most likely won't get back. I've tried emailing support and they just tell me to re-download the app and that isn't working at all. I would actually appreciate some good advice on what to do or someone to fix the problem.

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This just happened to me as well in the Spotify app on iOS 8.1.1. Quitting and re-launching the app did not help, nor did logging out and back into my account. Spotify's space usage on my phone dissapeared along with the albums. Playlists are still there, as are Artists which are represented in the playlists, though all artists are listed as having "0 songs". Other than the song I just saved to my library, Songs and Albums are both completely empty.


Udate: Deleting and reinstalling the app, however, seems to have solved the issue, albeit with some slow repopulating of the library. (Most albums initially appeared to have only one song; now, a few minutes later, most of the songs are back. Offline albums are also no longer downloaded nor marked as such.)

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Yup, didn't solve it.

Probably should mention my phone is rooted but running stock android OS.

Am running the latest version of Spotify too, and have already done the redownloading of everything we had to do when the app got upgraded to fix the security fix

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