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Android 10 audio glitches

Android 10 audio glitches




United Kingdom


Google Pixel XL

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Android 10 (QP1A.190711.020)


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I'm having issues now that my device has upgrade to Android 10. I hear glitches/audio drop outs every 10--20s of so regardless of the song being played. To resolve the issue I have tried to

- Reboot the device

- Clean reinstall the device (following

- Tried using different wifi connections


These glitches seem to occur only when the screen is off, so I suspect it maybe something to do with Android's powersaving function. This occurs for songs that have been downloaded or are being streamed.


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hi willprice94,


Thanks for posting on the community!


Do you have that problem only with spotify, or also with other music players?



Can't speak for the original poster, but I'm having the same problem, and it seems to only be Spotify. I also listen to Audiobooks via a library app, and that isn't affected by this issue. Neither is YouTube, though that's to be expected since it only happens while the screen is off. 

These only happen with the Spotify app.

Hi. I have the same problem. Its like a crack (short audio distortion). Other music app (Tidal, Mixcloud) works just fine.


Before upgrade to Android 10 there wasnt any problem.


Android 10, Pixel 2

Like ales005 I also didn't have the issue prior to the upgrade to Android 10.

I also didn't have this issue before the last Android update.

This only appears to happen when my device is not plugged in. I suspect it is some interaction between Spotify and the power saving service on Android. I have also found that Audible also suffers the same issue (but not Google Play Music)

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