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[Android 4.4.2+]Cache on external SD card is possible


[Android 4.4.2+]Cache on external SD card is possible

It seems a lot of folk running android 4.4.2+ have had trouble getting spotify to use an external SD card for its cache. I just bought a card for my android so I thought I'd give it a try and it worked!


My mobile

  • Samsung Galagy Note 3 - android 4.4.2
  • Samsung 64GB SDXC UHS-1 card
  • Spotify

Steps I took

  • Cleared spotify cache from options
  • Uninstalled spotify
  • Inserted SD card
  • Used file explorer to delete residual folder \android\data\ in internal storage (also delete the folder if it exists)
  • Installed spotify music
  • Played some tracks

I still see a folder in internal storage but it's empty now.


If you have previously been using spotify with an external SD card, I recommend that, in addition to the steps above, you reformat the card in the phone before reinstalling spotify music.

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I appreciate all the help that you provided me. It's great to have individuals like you do all the hard work without looking for generosity of Fame. Your posting work for me and I'll be sure to give kudos.

That can't be true. I have about 5GB free internally and about 46GB on the SD card. Spotify still saves all music to the internal memory. Version that is. Cheers

I've done all the searching and install clean and what not on my galaxy 5s active with no luck. Any other ideas?

Have the same problem, have tried every trick I found on internet but still Spotify claims ther is no space!?!? Anyone tried something that is not in this thread?

Hi guys, I am using Galaxy note 4 android 5.0.1. I just want to share my experience. To move songs from internal to micro sd is very simple. Just clear cache and relogin to your account with your micro sd mounted to your device. Spotify will automatically save the songs into micro sd (has been posted by Spotify ) Just remember to switch song quality to extreme or whatever previously you have selected because when you clear cache your settings are default again. If Spotify notify you about more than 3 devices sync to the account, just login your account in browser, go to offline device and remove the devices that are synced together.


Recently, I bought a new 128gb microsd and I planning to move the songs from my old 64gb microsd to 128gb. Since I can't find any relevant topic on how Spotify respond to microsd when it is unmount and mount again (which contains the saved songs) I thought I should give it a try. 


First of all, when you unmount your microsd, Spotify cannot detect the saved songs and will start redownload again into your internal. If you mount back the microsd which contain the saved songs, Spotify cannot detect all the saved songs and would still redownload all the songs again (sad case). If you remove cache using Spotify when your microsd is mounted, the contains in microsd is not removed (only internal saved songs will be removed). Since Spotify hide the contain of the saved songs, I cannot delete it directly in the microsd. My microsd has a lot of my videos and photos and so I have to move my files to my desktop and format my microsd. 


Finally, I have to insert my new microsd and redownload all the songs again into the microsd (around 400 songs with extreme quality which is around 5gb). Moral of the story, do not unmount your microsd if you have saved all the songs inside microsd. I tried it with my phone not switched off but I unmount it safely then only remove my microsd. I just hope Spotify in future can detect my songs in microsd after I removed my microsd and insert back to my phone (sometimes I have to remove my microsd to transfer file using USB 3.0 adapter)


Btw, I am using Samsung Pro 64gb microsd previously.

Tengo HTC desire 526h y no abre el spotify alguien me puede ayudar

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