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[Android] About Spotify Mi phone user bottom navigation bar immersion adaptation problem

[Android] About Spotify Mi phone user bottom navigation bar immersion adaptation problem

About Spotify Mi phone user bottom navigation bar immersion adaptation problem

Hello, I'm glad to be here to communicate with you. I am a user of Xiaomi mobile phone. I found a problem when I was using Spotify.
The navigation bar at the bottom of Xiaomi's MIUI system is not immersed in adaptation, resulting in a big black bar, which is very ugly. I also try to give feedback on this question to Xiaomi  MIUI system. Their answer is that we will actively grasp the problem of adaptation to various software parties, so I am here now!
I hope he can adapt to immersion like iPhone, so that users can get a better experience, the above is my feedback, thank you for understanding!

In the attachment, I will add screenshots from the software.thx!!!

4 Replies

I am also a Xiaomi user.
I have the same problem.
I hope I can adapt this navigation bar as soon as possible.

I have two mobile phones, one iPhone and one millet. My millet also has this problem. It looks very uncomfortable, a big black bar, and the tour interface affects the experience very much.

I hope this problem can be adapted as soon as possible, so that users of Xiaomi mobile phones can have a good 

Hi folks!


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


@mingyang, we moved your post to a Help board where it fits better. It was the correct call to have this reported to Xiaomi, as this is more related to the OS implementation. We suggest keeping in touch with them for further info/follow-up on this matter. However, we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. 


If you need help with anything else, just let us know.



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Yes, I also tried to give feedback to the engineer of Mi MIUI earlier, and their reply was that we could not adapt to this problem, and this problem needs to be adapted by the software side. Part of their reply from MI MIUI was that they can only update the software side, so I will come here to give feedback, thank you

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