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Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)


Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)

So i have Spotify on my AVR, PC, Android Mobile, but not in my car. Not a big problem, just connect the phone via bluetooth.

Works like a charm, the only downside, the Song/Album/Artist information is not transmited when using the spotify android app. A quick test with the default android player shows that this works perfectly. I see song/album/artist on the car display.

So please, add this functionality to the android app. (to spare you the search implement A2DP/AVRCP 1.3 🙂

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Really, still nothing! How slow can this be..

Please fix this. It's a crying shame you don't have support for it already. 

would be awesomme if you can fix this!


Not even a formal reaction?

It's a real shame that this feature STILL isn't working on the Android App.


One of the great things which Spotify has over more traditional music management tools is the strong encouragement to try new music which is in touch with your existing selection. This makes knowing track information even more valuable when a great song comes on and you want to identify the title/artist!



Much needed and very simple! As someone else has already posted you can already download a modified spotify app with this included ( so it can be done.

I use Spotify exclusively in the car. After buying my new 2013 Honda Accord, I was excited to see Spotify bluetooth ID3 tags on the 8" screen. Sadly, this feature is not available with the Android app. Honestly, I am going to give Rdio a try this week and see if it works with bluetooth streaming ID3 tags. Having a blank 8" screen is about enough of a reason for me to switch music subscriptions. Otherwise, I really enjoy Spotify. It seems obnoxious that there has not been a formal response in this messaging thread. Does Spotify even recognize our aged request? I did contact @SpotifyCares, and they only referred me to this thread. How can xda-developers have a work around while Spotify ignores such an obvious feature? As a side, I am glad to see that my steering wheel controls and touch screen controls do control the Spotify app. Where are the tags?

The same here. It's SO inconvinient and dangerous to change tracks on the phone during driving.


In one word: If spotify does not intend to solve this problem, I'm considering switching to Google play or other alternatives.


Spotify on my HTC One does stream sound to my car via bluetooth (bmw 335), BUT it's not able to skip tracks and it does not display music tag (track name, artist and album). 


I'm a premium user. Tried Google play today, everything looks good. (skipping tracks and music tags are all fine). It also supports USB playback.


I understand USB support might not be availble for third-party apps, as far as bluetooth works it's fine for me. 




It appears some people are working outside Spotify (and Pandora) to fix this issue. I just stumbled across this page which has posted modified versions of the app which enable AVRCP 1.3+ (the profile needed to show track info on the dash of the car). I have not tested these yet but it appears they work:

I have a galaxy note 2 with spotify , and I too save to off line play lists but they pause for like a millisecond and then continue . I had no probs with iphones spotify . Help please

Last comments were in for in car bluetooth

I support this.  I use the Spotify app to stream over Bluetooth Audio to my Toyota Seqoia and Tesla Model S

Please. Implement this in a new release soon!

Please add this!

Because of this, I tested out the new Google Music service and guess what.  It has A2DP support.  The only thing preventing me from switching was that Spotify sounded ever so slightly better in regards to clairity.  The Google app had an equalizer so I was able to get more bass punch and fullness than Spotify, however no matter what I did, the high end clairity was noticably better on Spotify.  Come on guys!!  Don't make me have to lose the sound clairity in favor of A2DP and better bass!!

I hope to see the metadata (artist, song title, album cover, etc.) sending via A2AP (avrcp) comming to Spotify 🙂

Please add this feature! I use spotify allot while driving.

I want this feature too. Please add it.

Yes I want this function as well!!!!!

Why is it introduced in the Iphone app and not the Android app?????




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