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Android Auto Not playing playlist in the defined order.

Android Auto Not playing playlist in the defined order.







Samsung Galaxy S8



2017 Subaru Impreza


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Windows 10


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This is a problem I have had for  a long time and it is constantly irritating me. Its not too major but its still worth making a point of. On my PC and Mobile phone itself my playlist plays in the defined order I specify without issue, but when I run my phone on android auto the palylist seems to default to alphabetical, and only on android auto.
The playlist itself doesnt get re-ordered, in which case I would then unlock my phone and click on the first song of the palylist which android auto will then recognise and play as intended. However this is irritating that it won't play the default playlist as intended right from the start. If any help from the Spotify team can be rendered that would be greatly appreciated.


Car Headunit - After selecting the palylist this is the first song that plays within the list.
Car headunit - first song on playlist selectionCar headunit - first song on playlist selection

Phone Screenshot - This is the correct order (at the time the screenshot was taken) of the correct playlist order when first selecting the playlist

Correct - phone playlist screenshot of first songCorrect - phone playlist screenshot of first song

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Hey @Dracostar,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!


We can confirm that this is currently expected behaviour in Android Auto.


There's an idea in the Community to enable playlist sorting in Android Auto which you can add your vote to here.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

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