[Android][Connect] Problem with Spotify App and sync

[Android][Connect] Problem with Spotify App and sync

            There is a serious problem with the spotify app on my phone. Basically, everytime I use my phone it queues up the same songs. Then when those songs finish playing, it queues up THOSE EXACT SAME SONGS. This is not me overeggagerating and saying "I'm sick of it not shuffling well". It is literally the same 50 just in a different order. I could list them for you if you would like, but that would be a lot of work. This also isn't just some times that it happens. IT IS EVERY TIME I USE THE APP! I press shuffle play, it picks one random song then queues up this same list of 50 songs. Then I can push shuffle again right after and it will pick one new song then queue up those same songs again. Then when I sync my phone to my computer (which I do all the time/ it's the reason I have premium) it does this same thing with the same songs. My playlist has 2,235 songs on it. I shouldn't have to listen to (or skip) the same three 50 cent songs I have in my playlist every time I use spotify. I use spotify almost ALL THE TIME. Also, I don't even really like 50 cent. (Sorry, man)

          I'm sorry for this rant, but it is really starting to frustrate me. I love spotify and use it almost 24/7. However, if this is not fixed soon I am going to have to cancel my subscription. If I wanted to listen to the same 50 songs everyday. I would just buy those songs and be done with it.


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