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[Android] Playing songs bug

[Android] Playing songs bug





I don't know how else to describe it. I just can't play songs lol. Every once in awhile I'll be listening to a song, then it just stops. The pause button is still displayed, implying the song is playing but the timeline doesnt move. Sometimes if I skip the song it'll play the next song for about 10 seconds then freeze again. At first I thought this was related to that driving mode so I disabled it. Didnt help.


My connection is fine, while this bug is occurring I can still browse the web, watch videos and best of all: stream music from another streaming app. 


I've restarted the app, I've reinstalled it, didnt work. Those arent solutions anyways. I have a lot of problems with spotify but at the very least I think a music player should be able to play music. 


I have no idea what causes  this bug to occur, I cant give you a test case other than "open and play music". I've been walking for 30 minutes now, restarting the app and nothing.


I'm using spotify version

Samsung Galaxy S9

Android version 9


I dont know if I'm posting this in the right place, the mobile version of your forums is confusing and **bleep**.

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