Android S8+ Sharing causes Spotify to crash

Android S8+ Sharing causes Spotify to crash


Hi all,

App crashes when trying to share song or playlist with friends.

Yes app is up to date and have tried to delete and reinstall


Please help








Samsung S8+

Operating System

Android Oreo.


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Hey @TomMander, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. Just to be sure, did you follow these exact steps for a clean reinstall


Does it happen when sharing to specific platforms, or for every platform? Did you notice this start happening after an app or OS update?


Let us know.

Hi there

Yes i did a full clean reinstall

It happens whenever i press share button. if i press it app crashes and doesnt give me option at all to choose which platform to share it to. Didnt have a problem before last update



Hey @TomMander.


Thanks for getting back to us with this info.


Could you send us the exact Spotify version numbers?


Also, does the same happen if you use a different Spotify account on your phone? You can test this out with a Free or Premium account.


In the meantime, try to restart your device by holding the power button and touching the restart option.


Keep us in the loop.

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Hi there


same thing happens on a different account


device has been restarted but same issue.


verison number is






Hey @TomMander.


Thanks for getting back to us. 


The issue sounds device related, but just to be sure, try logging into your account on a different device with similar specs to see if the issue persists.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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