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Android TV - External Keyboards Not Working Since GUI Update

Android TV - External Keyboards Not Working Since GUI Update

Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Device: Sony XF90 Android TV


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Hi Spotify Community,


For the last 18 months I've been using the Spotify Android TV App on my Sony TV, in combination with an external wireless keyboard connected to the TV's USB port. This has served as a great solution for typing in track names, avoiding cumbersome entry with the TV remote. 


Within the last week my keyboard functionality has stopped working correctly - it seems to align with the recent GUI change (new sidebar etc.). I have updated the app to the very latest version (1.30), along with my TV firmware, but to no avail.


I am unable to enter text in the search box, and instead certain key presses have bizarre outcomes (e.g. caps lock causes the page to scroll down). Arrow key functionality does appear to work correctly for navigating the GUI. To confirm, I have checked the cursor is definitely "clicked" in the search box.


The results are the same across 3 different keyboards, 2 with a wireless dongle and 1 via Bluetooth. Text input on other applications, such as YouTube, is working fine - same as ever.


Any support would be much appreciated.




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Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback in this thread here in the Community.


We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall and we’re constantly aiming to improve our features. However - we can't say when and if there will be a fix for this.


You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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The last we heard from Spotify in this thread is from June 2021, and even then we only got a roundabout stock answer that didn't address this issue in any way.


Spotify, please, could we get a definite answer from you after all this time? Even just a "sorry, won't fix", if that's really gonna be the case, would be better than the nothing we've gotten so far - in two years (five if we take the first mention of an issue like this into account).

Just installed Deezer on my Sony Tv and sure enough the keyboard works without issue with their app. 
This is definitely an issue with your app and not the TV.

by the way sticking with Spotify as Deezers T&C’s suck for their family equivalent account 

@h8b0heqdt wrote:

The only response the keyboard gets from the search bar is when I press enter, the cursor appears in the search bar, but that is all, no other key presses are recognised.

I have the same issue. It works for me when I keep the enter key pressed down, while typing. As soon as I let go of the enter key, no input is registered.
It's an ugly hack, but has worked okay for me for the last few years.
Spotify has demonstrated that they don't care about fixing this issue, so don't hold your breath...

Coming up on two years of this thread alone. Just recently the app got updated to version 1.55.0 and the keyboard issue still persists.


I know I'm probably doing this in vain, but please @Spotify, give us an official response that addresses this particular issue.

Very simple fix use Chromecast Spotify via your android or IOS keyboard .and try too get Logitech keyboard or whatever USB keyboard to update their firmware hence all apps need to upgrade to new sign in app certificate MD5 hash certificate on Google play ...can only be accessed threw root. impossible to get access via users end ?? all devices should be upgraded per android specifications  with the new interface . 

Ah, the Bling-a-blow nonsense bot rejoins the discussion after a year's hiatus...

I apologize for your frustration I'm in no way affiliated with anything. just regular joe providing community feedback to help others .


Did little leg work also see if that helps my friend ..the token is known as the certificate .

Now on version 1.66.4 and still broken.

And yet it appears no fix???  For those of us who depend on satellite providers this is a big issue.  Yes I can airplay Spotify to my smart tv however now I have two devices taking up bandwidth and it really slows the process down to near unbearable.


Spotify needs to fix this

I have the same problem here.  I have an external Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse attached to a Toshiba Android TV.  Whenever I try to type in the 'search', I get no response.  I have also tried 2 other external keyboards but to to avail.  Can someone help please. Thanks. Joe

It's been almost 2.5 years since this thread was created. In that time Spotify has done exactly nothing to fix the issue. Don't hold your breath over it ever getting fixed. Sad but true.

Oh so true.

Now the hearts are gone and I cant add to my playlists from my iPad…my playlist pops up and immediately goes down to the bottom of the screen and disappears.

Hello, I'd like to make a suggestion about a missing feature. I have a recent Sony OLED TV with Android TV. I've been using the Spotify app on this TV for over a year now, and it's very convenient for me. Recently, I connected a Bluetooth keyboard to search on PLEX, and it works well and is very convenient. It's a shame that this isn't the case in the Spotify app as well. Why is that? Best regards.

And still no fix?

No, still impossible to use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard on Android TV Spotify app. But the same keyboard works fine in Android TV Plex app. On the same TV off course.

The keyboard I bought is not an Apple keyboard but a generic Bluetooth keyboard. Will it work now?

Spotify won't fix it guys, that's the truth. They just wrecked the Windows app with the new UI, my profile can't load (in multiple systems) and there's not a competent solution. They don't care if it's a small portion of users who's getting **bleep**ed. 

Fascinating thread, four years in the making. And I thought that reading it to the end would reveal a miracle fix. Maybe next year...

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