Android app being auto-killed/crashing


Android app being auto-killed/crashing


Phone: Moto G (1st gen). Online and offline mode.


Since last week or so (perhaps since the last update), the spotify app for android has been being auto-killed regularly, especially when I try to do anything else on the phone. I never used to have any issues but now I can only listen without doing anything else. It also happens much more frequently when I have no signal (underground) unless I turn on airplane mode. Does the latest update cause much more cpu/memory use to cause android to auto-kill it to try to do something more important?


I've also noticed recently (about the same time) that tracks will often play without sound - the track timer moves forwards but I get no sound unless I skip to another track.


Anybody else experienced this, are there known issues/fixes for this?

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Actually it's still crashing so that didn't fix it 😕


Same on my LG K10

Same problem on Moto G4 - it also crashes if the display is turned off, sometimes.


I have the same Problem clean your ram before open spotify helps in most cases.


Recent Samsung Update killed Spotify again.  I can't listen to songs offline even though I have data and should not be offline. What's the point of downloading songs to my phone if I can't listen to the songs on my phone?  What's the point of spotify if this problem is still happening two years later and there is no fix yet?


Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I'm having this problem now.

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