App instability on Galaxy S9+


App instability on Galaxy S9+

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Galaxy S9+

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Having a few issues. At random times the app will announce the music has stopped because the account is being used elsewhere.  At times this has been true - I've been in the garage listening and someone in the kitchen asks the google home mini for a song.  But, lately, it's happening and no one else is using the account.  Multiple attempts to restart a song fail.  I have to either kill the app or restart the phone.


Another problem is after playing songs for a random period of time I will pick up the phone to change what's being played. The app does not correctly display the song being played nor am I able to stop the playback.  Again, I have to kill the app or restart the phone.


I've been a premium customer for a few months now and I'm finding it to be bothersome.  The above problems coupled with the seemingly endless versions of the same songs is very frustrating.

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Re: App instability on Galaxy S9+


Hey @altonj37.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we're here to help 🙂


Have you tried a clean reinstall yet? This usually solves a lot of common issues Spotify users have, including this one.


If that doesn't work, could you give us a bit more info about the behaviour you're experiencing? When did this start happening? 


Could you also let us know which Spotify app version your phone is running? We'll take a closer look once we have that.


Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back from you 😉

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Re: App instability on Galaxy S9

Casual Listener
I will perform the clean reload of the app. If problems persist I will
followup with more details.