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App keeps "freezing" - audio information and sound don't match

App keeps "freezing" - audio information and sound don't match

I have a Huawei P30 pro running Android 9, premium Spotify and I'm in Portugal.


Basically, what it says in the title. I've deleted and reinstalled the app and the bug keeps happening. The only temporary solution is closing the app.

Example: I'm listening to a podcast, go listen to a song but the app still shows the podcast as being played.

  • I recorded a video but it isn't letting me attach an .MP4 file.
5 Replies

I have also this problem. I think it is due to the app on my smartwatch. Do you also use a Smartwatch?

  1. No smart watch. I have Google home though.

I have this problem too. I have a smartwatch also

I have the same issue and it is maddening! Sometimes I have to restart my entire phone to get it to work, then it happens again after a song or two.


I have a Galaxy S9+. This problem didn't start until I paired with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, not sure if that is cause or coincidence; worth mentioning since others mentioned the watch as well. It will freeze on both the phone and watch playback, but my computer shows correct information.


When this playback information freezing happens, if i'm using Bluetooth in my car, turning the car off makes the music start playing through the phone speaker. This never happened before the freezing. All controls still work fine, I just have no idea what song is playing.


Any suggestion would be great, this is really frustrating. Makes it difficult to grab great new songs from discover weekly.

For me sometimes even the controls stop working. It will show the Play button while content is playing and clicking on it does nothing.

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