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Battery drain on Android (Samsung Galaxy A52)- April 2021

Battery drain on Android (Samsung Galaxy A52)- April 2021






Samsung Galaxy A52

Operating System

Android 11, One UI 3.1


My Issue

Noticed a massive battery drain on the new Samsung A52 device. Earlier I thought it was my old iPhone's battery hence moved to a new phone. 

Tried following troubleshooting steps:

1. Push notifications turned off. 

2. Battery optimization turned on by default.

3. Logoff, clear cache, restart the device, log in. 

4. Permission Granted - Storage. (need explanation as to why camera, microphone, etc is required to play music on Spotify).

5. Uninstalled the app. 

6. Tried Spotify lite, uninstalled as it doesn't connect with other devices. 

7. Installed Spotify app again. Noticed the same battery drain issue after downloading songs.

8. Offline mode was not turned on throughout the troubleshooting.


Attaching screenshots for reference. 

(Note: I haven't used spotify app for this long (as stated in background activity))


Need a solution asap as this battery drain issue has made Spotify unusable. Deep sleep helps. 

Screenshot_20210412-145159_Device care.jpg
Screenshot_20210412-014536_Device care.jpg
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Chat with support rep: as per rep, first step is to keep BT turned off on phone for 24 hours. This is the first step as per script. Then turn off other BT enabled devices around me for an hour each after 24 hours. 
This step does not make sense and I was not provided clarity as to how it will help us isolate the issue. 
No other app on phone is causing this issue other than spotify. 
Has anyone tried it earlier and found it useful? Please help me understand the logic and i'll try to reserve a day for this test. 

Update: Spotify app didn't consume any battery while running in the background if there were no songs downloaded. It worked like a charm. Bluetooth was turned on all the time. 


Spotify starts draining the battery in some background activity after the songs have been downloaded. 


Please assist. I need songs downloaded for offline listening. 

Hi there @singhalok


Thanks for reaching out about this. We're happy to help.


No worries, our support team asked you to follow those steps because in case you use Bluetooth devices regularly, it's possible that the app is trying to connect to a nearby or to an old Bluetooth device and that might be causing the battery draining in your phone. 


In this case, we'd like you to use the app as usual with the Bluetooth off during 24 hours, so we can check if the app drains the battery the same way while the Bluetooth is off.


Keep us posted on how it goes 🙂


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